Learn to Craft and Deliver  Effective Product Demos 

The Adaptive Advisor Selling Skills Course provides students with the knowledge and skills to conduct effective product demos, presentations and customer-facing engagements.

This workshop focuses on identifying each student’s strengths and weaknesses and providing them with new tools to give more effective product/service demonstrations.  

Learn to deliver demos that win the sale… even if you have minimal experience in complex sales.

For more senior people, the class provides an excellent refresher and includes advanced tips and tricks.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After Workshop Completion

After completing this demo skills training workshop, students will:

  • Improve overall Demo, Sales and Presentation Skills
  • Learn a proven, easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful demo, call structure
  • Understand proper demo structure and rules for effective demos
  • Make the demo a “sales dialog” not a monologue; cover only what is important to the customer
  • Learn check-in techniques to adapt the demo on the fly
  • Know how to cope with unforeseen occurrences
  • Discover how to make sure demo is concise, relevant, and compelling
  • Learn how to use PIE:
    • Permission – Learn to get permission using Adaptive Discovery during the demo
    • Interaction – Handle questions and objections, ask questions to validate that you communicated clearly and effectively
    • Engagement – Use engagement techniques to grab your customers interest and keep it throughout the demo
  • Using PIE, you only cover what is important, keeping you customer engaged and  leaving more time for a great sales dialog that lead to a sale. PIE also helps with customer engagement, especially with remote (Web) demos.

About Pat Shaughnessy

Pat Shaughnessy of Technology Sales Help has been involved in selling and training teams to sell complex and  technology products for 25+ years. Below is a brief Bio and a link to his LinkedIN profile. 

Pat Shaughnessy has spent his career in engineering, sales, management and training for high technology  companies. 

He has worked for multiple technology startups in various capacities including: VP. and Director of Sales and  Marketing and as the Founder and CEO of a company that created a line of hardware and software development  tools for engineers. 

Pat has trained, and managed sales and sales engineering teams focused on selling technology products to engineers, scientists, technical managers and technical end users. 

In past lives (before startups), Pat worked for large companies like DEC and Arrow Electronics.

Pat has done sales training and consulting for many technology startups and technology businesses. He enjoys  speaking about technology sales, lead generation and B2B marketing. Here is a link to Pat’s LinkedIN profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/b2bsalestrainer 

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