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A B2B Technology Demo Tutorial

Want to improve your technology software and product demos? This collection of articles are sure to help.

A product demo is a special form of sales presentation; the art and science of showing your prospect how your product can improve their business situation.

To many prospects, even complex technical products can look pretty much the same. The thing that makes the difference–that wins the sale–is your ability to demo your product in the best light possible.

Demos are crucial to selling complex B2B products–if you can do a demo that wins the sale, you will be incredibly valuable to your sales team and your company.
Here are 12 articles that will help you start creating and delivering killer demonstrations right away:

How do a B2B Software Demo
Quick Navigation IntroductionThe Demo in a Complex SaleHow to Create and Deliver an Effective B2B Product DemoThe Goal of the[...]
Sales Presentations How to Avoid Filler Words, Ums and Ahs
Filler words are killer words that can overshadow an otherwise great sales presentation by driving the audience to distraction.Filler words[...]
Software Demo Training: How to Structure your Demo
Learn More About Our Software Demo Training We can create custom software demo training for you and your team. It[...]
Do Your Demos Add Value?
Think about the last presentation or demo that you did. What value did you add, what problems did you help[...]
Getting Results from Trade Show Demonstrations
Quick Navigation Qualify prospectsDisqualify poor leadsClose for post show demos, evaluations or meetingsDo more effective, compelling demos
Ever done a[…]
Remote Web Demonstrations: Tragedies Tips and Training
Would you believe… The Cone of Silence Remote web demonstrations are marvels of modern technology: inexpensive, powerful and ubiquitous, but[…]
Improve Trade Show Demos–4 Tips to Success
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__Need to improve your trade show demos? Here are four tips that will improve your demos and trade show success[…]
Web Demos–Winning Sales in Your Pajamas or Flying Blind?
Remote web demos are great. You don’t need to travel or tote around heavy equipment. You can work from your[…]
Face to Face Demonstrations–Tips for Success
On-site demos act as a rallying point for technology purchasing decisions. In fact, the demo may be the only chance[…]
Software Demos 4 Tips for Improvement
__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___ Quick Navigation Short Software Demos are BestUse the right approach for the mediumEncourage questionsDon’t pounce ___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__Software demos are the[...]
Sales Presentations-5 Tips for Handling Hostile Questions
Hostile questions can quickly derail your sales presentation or demo. These questions occur for any number of reasons including: The[...]
How to Project Confidence in Your Next Sales Presentation
To deliver a compelling sales presentation especially to executives it's crucial that you project confidence. If you look nervous, timid[...]