Key Account Sales Training

Key and Major Account Selling Workshop

To succeed in key and strategic account selling you need a proven, effective sales process. Key and Major account selling requires your team to dig deep and research the people, the structure and the events that are shaping the destiny of your accounts.

Are you Getting the Results you Need?

Are you getting the maximum possible lifetime revenue from your key and strategic accounts? Are you finding that competitors are gaining ground at your most profitable customers? Is your team looking for new, sure-fire ways to capture and maintain new key accounts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class may be a great fit for you and your team.

How the Process Works

We provide expert training in account profiling and research. We show you how to become a trusted adviser by establishing a dialog with key decision makers.

Need to call on C-Level Executives and break into key and large accounts? We provide specific exercise based training to help you master this crucial skill.

Our experts interview your sales managers and senior reps to find out what specific challenges they are facing. We then create a class that is specifically focused on making your team more successful.

To learn more about our Large and Key Account Selling Classes, give us a call on: 1-800-421-5824 or send us a message>

Who Will Benefit From This Training Seminar?

Experienced sales people, sales managers, and sales executives can all benefit from this fast-paced interactive program.

What Will be Covered?

  • Creating key account profiles
  • Engaging elusive executives
  • Breaking into key and strategic accounts
  • Increasing lifetime account revenue
  • Key account targeting and research
  • Defending key accounts from competitors
  • Moving from vendor to trusted adviser
  • Selling value
  • Key account management
  • Mastering multi-party sales
  • Complex negotiating
  • Establishing long term relationships
  • Uncovering needs
  • Researching for relevance
  • Key account face-2-face sales skills
  • Winning C-Level executive presentations