Introduction to Selling Seminar

Training for New Salespeople

New sales representatives need a repeatable, productive sales process. The rigor of a proven process gives them the knowledge and the skills needed to deliver reliable and accurate sales forecasts and results to management.

We specialize in in training new sales people to sell complex and technology based products and services. We understand the technology as well as the skills and techniques needed to sell it. We pride our selves on our ability to not only help our students master sales skills, but also on our ability to understand complex technologies in the context of the selling environment.

To learn more about Sales Training for those New to Sales, give us a call on: 1-800-421-5824 or send us a message>

The Process

Our experts will work with you to create a class that shows students how to sell your products and services and how best to use your company’s policies and procedures.

Who Will Benefit From This Training Seminar?

This class is primarily for those that are new to sales, but managers, executives, and sales reps can all benefit from this fast-paced interactive program.

What Will be Covered?

  • What is selling
  • What is expected of me (policies and performance)
  • What should I expect (resources and scenarios)
  • Goals and Quota
  • The basics of personal selling
  • Know yourself
  • Know your prospect
  • Know your company
  • Know you products
  • Know your competition
  • Time and territory management
  • Organization and record keeping
  • Creating a sales toolkit
  • Phone sales skills
  • Face-2-face sales skills
  • Web sales skills
  • The sales cycle
  • Lead generation
  • Qualification
  • Tracking/Forecasting
  • Moving through the process
  • Questioning
  • Researching
  • Proposing
  • Closing
  • Refinement
  • Growing Accounts
  • Track results and refine methods