B2B Sales, Demo Skills and Presentation Training Programs

To ensure best results, all of our sales and demo skills  training programs are customized to your exact needs. The descriptions below outline each of our programs. For more detail please follow the links, or click on the contact button below.  We can deliver programs: on-site, in open class general attendance format, on-line via live webinar or as self-paced e-learning

Demo Skills Training

Learn how to give safe, compelling demos that win more sales. 

Presentation Skills Training

Presenting complex products is crucial to selling success. Learn the ropes to skip and the ropes to know.

Introduction to Selling 

Covers the basics of selling for reps that are new to sales or for reps that are new to your organization. 

Key Account Selling

How to target, capture and control key accounts. Reach elusive executives and close more sales.

Advanced Sales Training

This class is a perfect tune-up for seasoned reps on your team.

Team Selling Training

Sales reps and sales engineers working together to form unbeatable Teams. Master team presentations, demonstrations and evaluations and win the complex sale.

Selling New Technologies

Selling new technology products presents unique sales challenges. Seasoned users are comfortable doing things the way they always have, using technology that they know and trust. Learn the skills you need to succeed at new technology sales. 

Selling New Products and Services

Selling new products requires a unique set of skills. Learn the tips and tricks you need to succeed at new product sales.

Opening New Territories and Markets

Expanding your sales efforts is a great way to grow. See what works and what doesn’t this fast-paced class.