Selling New Technologies Sales Training

Selling new technology products presents some very unique sales challenges. Seasoned users are comfortable doing things the way they always have, using technology that they know and trust. New technology–even if it’s an evolutionary improvement over existing technology–is often met with skepticism.

Our experts interview your team to find out what specific new technology product challenges they are facing. We then create a class that is specifically focused on making your team more successful.

Who Will Benefit From This Training Seminar?

Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, sales people, sales managers, sales executives, and senior management can all benefit from this fast-paced interactive program. Send us your questions about this class via on-line form>>.

What Will be Covered?

* Positioning against existing technologies
* Securing beta sites
* Demonstrating ROI
* Ensuring a smooth marketing sales handoff
* Creating a winning sales toolkit
* Creating a repeatable and productive sales process
* Up selling existing accounts
* Training reps on new technology/product advantages