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Advanced Selling

Experienced sales representatives are your best selling resource. You count on these seasoned pros to break into key accounts and to win large deals from entrenched competition. To get the very best from them, you need to educate and motivate them to constantly improve.

Our experts interview your sales managers and senior reps to find out what specific challenges they are facing. We then create a class that is specifically focused on making your team more successful.

Who Will Benefit From This Training Seminar?

Experienced sales people, sales managers, and sales executives can all benefit from this fast-paced interactive program. Send us a questions about this class via on-line form>>.

What Will be Covered?

  • Selling value
  • Key account management
  • Winning against tough completion
  • Mastering multi-party sales
  • Complex negotiating
  • Establishing long term relationships
  • Engaging key executives
  • Uncovering needs
  • Researching for relevance
  • Advanced face-2-face sales skills
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Growing existing accounts
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