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This tutorial is designed to help you close more customers as a result of your B2B Web Marketing efforts. It covers things you need to do, as well as things you should avoid.

We’ll show you how to target professionals making complex purchase decisions involving multiple people, large budgets and that often have a broad impact on company operations.

In short–if you want to use you Website to help sell complex, technical products and services–this series is for you.

Each lesson provides specific improvements for your site, followed by suggestions on how to implement them. We give equal weight to the most important aspects of Web Marketing from: attracting qualified prospects, to technical search optimization to conversion strategy.

To improve your B2B Web Marketing, you should focus on three key areas:

  • Fixing “Broken Things” That are Costing you Traffic and Sales
  • Making Simple Yet Highly-Effective Changes to Your Site
  • Implementing an Ongoing Web Marketing Plan (Links and Content)

Later in this series, we will provide you with recommendations for training and additional resources. Please leave us a comment if you have questions.

A Ten-Step B2B Web Marketing and Lead Generation Tutorial

The ten articles are show below, new content will be added each week. Please comment and let me know what other kinds of articles you would like to see.

  1. What results can I expect from these website changes?
  2. Are these 10 deadly web problems costing you Traffic and Sales?
  3. Small changes that can make a big difference
  4. Are you wasting time and money on useless activities
  5. Ideal and target prospects content and keyword research
  6. Generating and Selecting Keywords
  7. Creating content (for the product or service life cycle, and by role and niche)
  8. Improving conversions with great copy
  9. Long term content, structure and linking strategy
  10. Using Social Media to improve sales

If you would like to learn more about Web Marketing, consider our Training Programs and Coaching.

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