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You Might Be Giving LBTPDs

Long Boring Technology Product Demos (LBTPD) are way more common than you might think. Avoiding Demo Data Dumps is a key demonstration skill that you must master to help you avoid them.

Find Out if You Have a Demo Dumping Problem

To see if you are guilty of giving a LBTPD, due to Demo Dumping take the quiz below:

  1. Do you ever say “and another cool thing is”, be honest :>)
  2. Do you show more than 3-4 key features?
  3. Have you ever done a “menu walk” of the product to be sure that you did not miss anything?
  4. Does your sales person keep saying: “show them this, show them that”?
  5. When you ask for questions, do you hear crickets?

Have you ever watched a product demo where the presenter repeats again and again:

“And another cool thing is”

See the problem? People tie new information to what they already know. Cool doesn’t tie to anything.

By repeating the same words for every feature, you give them no road map, and no value proposition to latch on to.

OK, Maybe You’re Afflicted–What Can You Do About It?


Research the prospect’s needs before the demo if possible. If you can’t do pre-demo research, never just start showing features–ASK WHAT THEY WANT!

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