Lead Generation eBook

Our lead generation ebook explains the process of lead generation, and
shows you the key things that you must do to be successful.

Focused on Business to Business Lead Generation

This e-Book is based on years of experience selling and marketing complex
and high technology products and services. All case studies and
examples are based on complex technology and services companies selling

Covers All Aspects of Online and Off Line Lead Gen

Unlike other products, our lead creation e-book covers all aspects of lead
generation–in depth. If you need to understand the technical tips and
tricks to moving a web site or the best way to cold call a C-Level
Exec, you’ll find it here

Free B2B Lead Creation eBook Updates

Modern Sales Lead Generation is a dynamic and ever-changing endeavor. To stay
out front, you need to keep pace with search engine optimization,
internet marketing, social marketing, Blogging, RSS and a myriad of
other technologies.

Purchase our book and we will provide monthly updates free of charge. Each month we
provide updates on all aspects of lead gen from search engines to cold
calling to direct mail.

For more information, please refer to the detailed table of contents below:

Lead Generation e-Book Table of Contents

  • Setting Goals for Sales and Lead Generation
  • Costs of Various Lead Generation Programs
  • Lead and Sales Tracking and Measuring ROI
  • Defining Your “Ideal” Prospect/Customer
  • Targeting Accounts to Meet Your Goals
    • Key and Strategic Accounts
    • Ideal Accounts
    • installed Base
  • What’s Currently Working, What’s Not (Analyses)
  • Lead Generation Models
  • People and Skills Required for Lead Generation
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment for Lead Generation
  • Partnering for Lead Generation
  • Must Do Web/Internet Marketing Tasks
    • Basic Web Organization
    • Key Search Engine Optimization
    • Key Pages
    • Crucial Content
  • Creating an Action Plan
  • Account Research and Prospecting
  • Tracking and CRM
  • Pay-Per-Click Programs
  • Competitive Analysts and Response
  • Key and Strategic Account Strategy
  • Advanced Web Content “Link Bait”
  • Advanced Web SEO
  • Weimar and On-Line Demos
  • Blogs and RSS
  • Pod casts
  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars
  • e-mail Programs
  • Telephone Prospecting Tips