Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation for Complex and High Technology Products and Services

Are you finding that sales lead generation is harder than ever? Is Voice mail a dead end? Are your e-mails deleted before they are even read? Is keeping up with the dizzying array of new lead generation technologies and methods downright daunting? …We can help.

We specialize in lead generation training and consulting for complex and high technology products and services. Our experts focus in on your unique lead generation challenges, then help you chose from the best mix of on-line and off-line lead generation techniques available.

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We can deliver our lead generation training programs at your facility or on-line via webinar. Best of all, our customized lead generation programs are guaranteed to increase the stream of quality leads to your sales team.

Before we advocate any solution, we spend time talking with you about your requirements and your organization. Since, your organization has it’s own unique set of challenges, this time ensures that we can deliver a program that meets your specific needs.

Don’t have time to attend one of our lead generation training classes, or perhaps you’re on a tight schedule and need just a bit of help to get your lead generation efforts off the ground.

We provide expert consulting focused on results in the following areas:

  • List and Lead Generation Services
  • Internet Marketing and Web Optimization
  • Webinar and Demonstration Creation
  • Web Content Creation
  • Link Building Content Creation
  • Link Building Programs
  • White Paper and Article Creation
  • Press Release Programs
  • Online Event Creation and Marketing

List and Lead Generation Services – We can suggest the most effective ways to build your customer and prospect lists. We can help you set up ideal customer definitions that help your team to qualify new leads quickly and efficiently.

Internet Marketing – We can define and implement custom link building programs that help you build traffic for your targeted key words and phrases. We can create special content to help attract your best prospects to your site and links to you web site.

We can help you avoid the typical problems that prevent many sites from achieving the results you need and that rob you of qualified traffic. We can also help you organize your site to get the maximum value from the content you have created.

Webinar and Demonstration Creation- We have done thousands of technical and web demonstrations of a wide array of products and technologies. We are experts in delivering a sales message that resonates with engineers, scientists and technical management. We can put this experience to work to create demonstration scripts and procedures for your team to use on sales calls at trade shows or on the web.

Web Content Creation – Need a specific technical piece of web content. Perhaps a white paper or an article, case study? We can do it.

Link Building Content Creation – The best links and traffic to your site occur naturally. If you create valuable content such as tools and utilities and publicize them, visitors and links will come. We provide complete content creation services and can help you come up with unique and creative ways to drive your sites popularity.

Link Building Programs – We are experts at analyzing your competition and market and then selecting and acquiring just the right links you need to get the traffic you need. We only acquire high quality links that are directly related to your business and market.

Press Release Programs – By combining an online press release program with news and product stories in online journals in your niche, we can drive focused traffic to your site.

Online Event Creation and Marketing – We can create complete online webinars and events specifically tailored to your products and services. Once we create the webinar content, we then create and implement a program that gets your best prospects to attend.

The process starts with a no-cost, no-obligation discussion about your needs. Tell us exactly what you need, ask us questions. This process ensures that we can deliver a program that meets your needs.

If you are inerested in ore information on our sales training and lead generation services, please contact us via phone or online form.