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In this post I want to share a form that I provide in my Demonstration Skills Class that helps sales teams prepare for technology demonstrations.

(Here is a link to a PDF version of the Demo Form that you can print out.)

The form is a great way to promote communication and cooperation between your sales and technical team and helps you capture all important demo information in one place.

Companies that have taken my training class have actually implemented a web-based variant of this form to be used by the sales team and integrated with their CRM tools.

Here is the demo form followed by a brief description of the key fields.

Demo Form


Date: Demo Time:

Contact:          Phone:

Sales Person:Attending y/n

Goal of the Demo/Best Result:







Jane Doe


1 – N


Products to Show

1 – N


Here is a brief description of the fields of the form:

Title – The title of each person who will be attending your demo.

Role – The job function and duties of each person attending the demo. This is important as titles can be misleading.

Issues – These are the issues that the prospect is concerned with, the problems they are facing. This is also a good place to record things that should NOT be brought up in the demo because they would be detrimental to the sale.

Questions – This is where you would make note of any questions that the prospect posed during the sales cycle that should be covered in the demo.

Interests – This is where you would record the features that would be of interest to the prospect. The key is to only cover issues that are important to the prospect and to leave out all extraneous detail.

If you you cover things that they don’t care about you run the risk of making the product look too complex or provoking difficult questions.

A Web based Demo Form

We will be releasing a customizable Web Demo Information Form in the near future. If you are interested in adding a Demo form to your web site, please drop me a note for details and release dates.

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