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Before you make that first call, you need to understand the problems that the prospect faces that you can solve.
This B2B Quick Tip shows you a very efficient way to do account research on a prospects web site.

Most reps start working their way around the web site visiting pages like the: News, About, Product and Management trying to understand a bit about the account. For a much more effective way to get information, try using the Google site search operator to zero in on exactly what you want.

Here’s a couple of examples:

1) To Look for the names of Execs with a specific title

Use the Google command:
Site: vp sales
Site: vp engineering

Use any title that makes sense and this will return any reference on the site to that title.

2) To see if they use a specific technology

Use the command:

Site: nameoftechnology

3) If you want to know if they face a specific challenge such as tanking revenues

Site: quarterly loss

4) To see if they make a specific type of product

Site: system OR instrument OR tool

To look for an event that provides an opportunity for you to sell, try:

Site: recall


Site: new facility

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