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JIGSAW (now owned by Salesforce) is an industry directory that can be used to find companies to call on, and to find prospects in those companies to reach out to.

JIGSAW is a reasonably priced service that provides good (and ever improving data).

I use JIGSAW daily, and have recommended it to many of my B2B-sales training customers.

This post will show you how to use JIGSAW to find B2B companies to target for your products and services.

How to find B2B companies that could use your product or service

When considering which accounts to target, here are a few of the questions you need to answer:

  • Does the prospect currently use (or could they use) your type of product or service?
  • Can they afford your solution?
  • Are they likely to face the challenges that would drive them to need your solution?
  • Is the account one of your assigned targets?
  • Is the prospect located in the geography in which you sell?

Say you are selling test equipment for electronic products software debug, what are the steps required to use JIGSAW to find companies that could use your product?

  1. Decide the titles and roles of contacts that use your product, and search for them.
  2. Decide the keywords for the types of technology used by these people and search for them.
  3. Narrow the list by company size, geography and other general criteria.
  4. Chose the best contacts, purchase them, and begin your entry campaign

Once you have your target accounts you can do more research to find out the best plan of entry and who the best contacts may be.  If you would like to try JIGSAW, please follow this link: try JIGSAW now>>

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